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Nikos Katsarakis is a graduate of Mozarteum University in Salzburg with  "Magister Artium" (Master of Arts) and "Bakauloreat Artium" (Bachelor of Arts) in Solo Guitar Performance where he attended the classes of Eliot Fisk.

He also attended classes of Agustin Wiedeman, Wolfang Gutmann  and Maria Isabel Siewers, as well as the Contemporary Music with Simone Fontanelli, Baroque Music with Jorgen Huebscher, Renaissance Lute with Johann Bruederl and other reknowned artists.

He was granted the Performance Diplomas FLCM & LLCM from London College of Music and also the FTCL from Trinity College of Music.

Along with his studies he also worked on varius thesis titled: "The Composer Mikis Theodorakis","Manuel Ponce and his contribution to the Classical Guitar"  and "Pedagogical ideas  of Adamantios Korais" with Michaela Schwarzbauer.

He also studied Harmony and Counterpoint with the Composer  Spyros Mazis.

He has participated in many masterclasses with many well known soloists such as Marco Socias, Annielo Desiderio, Jesus Castro Balbi, Hubert Kappel, Thomas Muller Pering, Zoran Dukic and others.

Nikos Katsarakis has performed and gave lectures in many different cities and Guitar Festivals of Greece and Austria.

He has collaborated with the Soprano Myrsini Margariti at the "Jehudi Menuhin live music now" in Austria for the concert organisation. In the past, he had performed as Soloist with the Blasphilarmonisches Orchester Sadhausen - Heidelberg.

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